How is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method different from other diets on the market?
  • The Ideal Protein weight loss method treats our weight problems at the source – through hormone balance and adjusting our metabolism and re-training your pancreas to only produce the right amount of insulin for your body.  Insulin, which is vital for our body to maintain proper glucose levels, is often overproduced and results in an altered metabolism that leads to fat gain.
  • The Ideal Protein Protocol reduces carbohydrates and fats while supplying twice the protein of most other protein weight loss methods.  This allows us to lose fat while maintaining muscle – the engine of our metabolism.
  • The Ideal Protein Weight loss method uses a highly biologic “complete” protein mix with 8 essential amino acids to be better absorbed and maintain our muscle mass.
What should a dieter expect when starting the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?
  • Although many people feel satisfied (not hungry) once beginning the diet, the first few days can be rough as your body is going through withdrawals of not having the sugars/carbohydrates in the diet.  This can be especially hard for those used to consuming a high carbohydrate diet with processed foods.  It is sometimes advisable to go through a cleanse before starting (which we have available at the clinic) and to clear out your pantry of foods that are not to be consumed during the protocol.
  • After your initial glycogen stores are depleted (usually about 3 days), you will notice that you will be more alert, less hungry, and feel more energy as your body optimizes into your new metabolism.
What kind of results can I expect?
  • Most women lose 3-5 lbs per week and most men lose 5-7 lbs per week.  There are some fluctuations seen as your body is converting over to its new metabolism, but once that is achieved, a very consistent drop is seen as long as you stick to the protocol and do not vary from the plan.  It is good to think of this as a prescription for health that you must do every day to achieve the desired result.  If you stick to the plan, it works!  It’s actually just a biochemical equation that you will follows that equals fat loss at the end.
  • Besides deviating from the Protocol, there are some reasons that some people may not achieve these goals at the same rate.  Some of these are: increased muscle gain (muscle weighs more than fat), pre-menopause or peri-menopause (the hormone balance can throw your body a real curve), or constipation.
Why is exercise not recommended while on the Ideal Protein Protocol?
  • While you are on the protocol, you will be on a low caloric/carbohydrate diet.  You will not have glycogen stores to tap into when you push your body during exercise, which can lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels.   As you continue on the protocol (during the first 2 to 3 weeks), your body will continually increase in making the necessary enzymes to fully burn the ketonic bodies that are produced from fat metabolism (which is called beta oxidation).  It takes about two weeks for this to happen for most people.  The metabolism that you will be in will cause your muscles to go through gluconeogenesis to produce glucose by using fat and amino acids to produce the glucose that your body needs.


  • If your diet supplies the protein (amino acids) and not much fat, then the fat has to come from your body which is how you lose your stored fat.  When exercising, you increase the demand for glucose on the body and the only way your body will be able to keep us the glucose is to break down your own muscles for the amino acids/protein, which will result in muscle loss and a lower metabolism.  This is not what we want to do.  The good news is the diet itself will have you burning extra calories without having to exercise due to the new metabolism that you will be in!  This protocol is not about calories in/calories out, which leads to the “yo-yo” effects of many diets – it’s about hormones and metabolism.  Some exercise can be incorporated after the first 3 weeks and will be discussed with you by your coach.
How many Ideal Protein foods do I need to have in a day?
  • You need to have 3 Ideal Protein foods per day – no less.  We have to assure that we have the adequate protein and amino acid mix, as well as pH balance to optimize our fat-burning metabolism.  
  • During the first week, you may have up to 5 products a day if you are hungry while your body is transforming into your new metabolism.  After the first week, you need to stick with the three products daily and use the unlimited vegetables and water intake to supplement any hunger.
Why are diet sodas and sugar free candy discouraged during the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?
  • Not all diet drinks are discouraged on the Ideal Protein Diet.  The main ones are the diet sodas (most diet powdered drinks are fine).  It’s not the sugar or calories that are problems here, but more of the acidic nature of these products.  Acid/Base regulation can become problematic and we want to avoid that and get the most out of this dedicated time of losing fat and gaining better health.  This protocol is very alkaline in nature, which avoids problems that arise with other high protein diets (like kidney stones, gout, etc).  The diet sodas and other acidic products can change the pH towards a more acidic environment and can allow for these problems to arise.  Most “clear” diet drinks (diet tonic water, etc) are better but the carbonation alone affects our body’s pH.  Using one of these products every now and again would most likely be ok but regular use needs to be avoided.  


  • As far as “sugar free” candy goes, they are not truly sugar free in the way that our body processes them.  These products contain sugar alcohols.  These alcohols differ in nature in that some are better absorbed than others.  For instance, xylitol is more easily absorbed than erythritol, so erythritol would be a better choice but can loosen the stools a bit.  A good rule of thumb in deciding whether to consume these is by dividing the number of grams of sugar alcohols by 2, add them to any other carbohydrates that are present, and using this as the number of carbs that you just consumed.  If you do consume these, it is best that you don’t have any restricted items that day as we need to keep your carbohydrate level down to an acceptable level.
Why is fruit not allowed on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?
  • Fruits, though high in nutritional value, will delay that fat loss process because they will be converted to sugars/carbohydrates.  As you reach your fat loss goals and transition into the later phases of the protocol, fruit will be reintroduced once we have restored the proper metabolism of sugars to your pancreas.  Since this food group is absent during the first phases of the protocol, supplements are crucial to make sure that our bodies are receiving all of the nutrients that fruits can supply.
Why is maintaining my muscle mass and consuming protein so important?
  • Muscles are the engine of our metabolism.  The more muscle you have, the more calories that your body uses throughout the day, even at rest.  This leads to increased fat loss, reduced orthopedic problems, stronger bones (fighting against osteoporosis), and a healthier appearance.  After your fat loss goals are reached, the increased muscle will allow you to consume more calories daily without gaining fat due to excess calories.
  • In addition to our muscles being made out of protein, our organs, hair, nails, skin, immune system, and eyes are all made out of protein.  We want to properly feed all of these essential parts of our bodies.
What supplements will I be taking?
  • You will be on several supplements while on the Ideal Protein Protocol.  These include:
  • Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc:  Calcium is not only good for your bones, it is critical in the breaking down of fat cells as well as keeping a proper electrolyte balance for your body.  It is also used in your muscles as they work.
  • Multi-Vitamin: to assure that your body has the micronutrients it needs during this time that it is working to shed fat.  This particular multi-vitamin is higher in the B vitamins, which help the body convert food into energy, and includes minerals.
  • Potassium – lower dose to keep proper levels in the blood
  • Omega 3 fish oil – essential fatty acids that must be consumed to meet the body’s needs
  • There are a variety of optional supplements that your coach may suggest or give you the option of taking.

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